I work mostly in Graphics and Visual Effects on anything from TV shows to music promos to commercials to feature films and have 6+ years experience both on set as a post production supervisor and the post production process. The main bulk of my work is compositing or graphic design and animation.

Recently I have been pitching for graphics work on numerous TV shows which has been a pleasure for some companies, as the ability to work with me directly has benefits over working through graphics companies where there is a chain of command. This type of work has given me experience in managing budgets, deadlines and client-facing roles.

I have worked for several series on Russell Howard's Good News for the BBC, where I designed the look of the graphics on the show and became heavily involved in adding animation, visual effects and graphics to the show and its sketches. On occasion this also required me to supervise on set.

Software used - Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, FCP, Avid